Happy New Year Church Family!

Pastor and First Lady Coleman want to wish you a happy new year!  As we bring in the new year with your families, recite this prayer together as one wherever you are as a church.  The best is yet to come!


Responsive Watch Night Prayer

Leader: Lord, we just want to thank You once again for bringing us safely through another year


Congregation: Lord, we thank You for all the prayers that You have answered, all the ways that You have made, all the blessings You have bestowed upon us, and protecting us from dangers seen and unseen


Leader: We thank You that You neither sleep nor slumber; for watching our comings and our goings, our sitting and our rising, for not allowing our foot to slip; knowing that we would have fallen away if it had not been for Your faithfulness


Congregation: We thank You for the many lives that You’ve allowed us to touch and for the many lives that have touched us


Leader: We thank You for the lives of the loved ones that You have seen fit to call home to glory


Congregation: We thank You for blessing us with their presence, and we thank You that one day we will see them again, when we are called home to Your presence


Leader: We pray that we would be careful to give You all the glory, honor, and praise simply because of who You are;


Congregation: And, as Your children, we would be watchful over what we say, do and think, so that we would not bring shame to Your Holy and righteous Name


Leader: And that when we do fall short of the glory, we would be quick to confess and ask for forgiveness, even as we forgive others; so that we might walk worthy of our high calling, and do the good works that you creates us beforehand to do


Congregation: We pray that we would be mindful that all of our blessings come from You; that we would not be so attached to our gifts that we forget the Giver


Leader: And let us be ever watchful, Lord, for the coming again of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; without Whom, we would not have this ever good and perfect gift


Congregation: Without Whom, we would not have forgiveness of sin, relationship with You, fellowship with other believers, eternal life, and the privilege of lifting up this prayer


Leader: Even so, come Lord Jesus!


ALL: Amen!