Choir Ministry
The choirs lift praise to God through song and help set the atmosphere for the preached Word in Sunday morning service.
Men of Honor, Servant Leader – Brother Donald Holt
Voices of Faith Choir, Servant Leader – Minister Jenaro Austin
This Generation Youth Choir, Servant Leader – Sister Brianna Coleman and Sister Devon Lassiter
Cherubs Choir (ages 11 and under), Servant Leader – Sister Keesha Jefferson & Sister Krystal Gibbs


Praise and Worship Team
Music Ministry which lifts up praise to God through song and which helps to set the atmosphere for Sunday morning worship service.
Servant Leader – Minister Jenaro Austin


The Divine Dance Ministry
Praising God through dance.
Main Ministry Servant Leader – Sister Joi Stone

Adult Servant Leader – Sister Keesha Jefferson
Minis Servant Leader – Sister Brianna Coleman

Immanuel Mime Ministry
Praising God through Mime.
Servant Leader – Sister Bernie Reynolds

Flag Ministry
Minister Jesus Christ to others by bringing forth God’s glory through the use of flags.
Servant Leader – Deaconess Theresa Jones

Drama Ministry
Exalting the Lord through drama.
Servant Leader – Sister Regina Coleman

Media Ministry
Coordinating sights and sounds during the worship experience and produces CD’s and DVD’s of the services.
Servant Leader – Minister Jenaro Austin  |  Contact:



The Church School
To “Gather the people together, men, women and children, and thy stranger that is within thy gates, that they may hear, and that they may learn, and fear the LORD your God, and observe to do all the words of this law.” Deuteronomy. 31:12

Servant Leader – Sister Margot Clark


New Members Ministry
Servant Leader – Sister Patricia Smith


Crusaders for Christ (Children’s Church Ministry for ages 3-8)
To provide a ministry for children to foster a relationship with Jesus Christ. Children will learn on a kid-friendly level, pray with and for each other, and fellowship with each other.
Servant Leader – Sister Carolyn Hayes


Women of Virtue (W.O.V.)
Strives to equip, enlighten, enhance and enrich women of all ages in all states of life through Bible Study.

Servant Leader – Minister Kim Coleman


Outstanding Men of God (O.M.G.)
Exists to bring men together in the body of Christ to promote Fellowship, Leadership and Followship among the brothers with special emphasis on the Word of God as it speaks to men. The vision is to encourage men to learn how to be a man of honor while striving to develop a holy life through the Word.
Servant Leader – Deacon Lynn Owens


Sr. SWAAT (Saved With An Attitude)
Sr. SWAAT strives to inspire youth (13-18) to live Christ-centered lives by empowering them to serve in the church; teaching them to encourage one another, and exhorting them to embrace the community with the love of God.
Servant Leader – Minister Carol Seals


Jr. SWAAT (Ages 12 and under)
Mission is to encourage and facilitate Bible Study, create an environment where children feel free to ask questions and share with each other and with adults they can trust, present a holistic approach to living for Christ, and to have fun.
Servant Leader – Sister Semonne Culver


Scholarship Ministry
Providing financial and spiritual support to college-bound students of FBCC and maintaining that relationship with our students while they are away.
Servant Leader – Sister Rochelle Haynes



Young Men of Business Ministry
We are committed to putting young men on the path to become Christian entrepreneurs by providing them with resources and real life experiences.
Servant Leader – Brother Angelo Goodwin, BA


Young Ladies Ministry
To help teenage females develop a balanced life of serving Christ while developing skills to succeed academically, personally, emotionally/mentally, and financially.
Servant Leader – Sister Kelly March


Senior Social Ministry
To connect with our senior members in fellowship and to provide support through love, caring, and sharing.
Servant Leader – Sister Kim Hayes



Culinary Arts Ministry
A ministry to not only feed the body but also to nourish the soul … This ministry connects members to other Christians and neighbors in the spirit of Fellowship.
Servant Leader – Sister Janeen Crawford


Chosen 300 Feeding Ministry
Local outreach ministry, which helps to feed 300-350 homeless women and men six times a year in Philadelphia, every other Friday. The ministry also collects clothing and toiletries.
Servant Leader – Sister Janeen Crawford


Missions Ministry
Reaching unbelievers to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Servant Leader – Deacon Greg Holt


Comfort Ministry

To comfort and support congregational members who have lost a loved one and to help them move through the grief process; to serve those who grieve by providing a compassionate environment with all tender-kindness to assist those who are suffering into their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Servant Leader – Deaconess Shirley Jones-Holt


Intercessory Prayer
Prayer warriors meet prior to worship services, Bible Study and for any other gathering to invoke the presence of and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Servant Leader – Reverend I. Shaun Flemming


Transportation Ministry
Van Service is available every Sunday for Sunday School and 11:00am worship.
To reserve your seat, contact Brother James Robinson. @ (267) 625-8836 by Wednesday, no later than 12:00PM.

Ushers Ministry
Welcoming worshippers with the love of Christ.
Adult Ushers Servant Leader – Brother Roderick Blake
Youth Ushers Servant Leader – Deaconess Michelle Blake


Welcome Ambassadors
Greeting visitors during worship service and hosting new members at the reception following the Right Hand of Fellowship.
Servant Leader – Sister Rhonda Williams


Pastor’s Aide Ministry
Providing support and comfort to the Pastor & his family
Servant Leader – Sister Regina Holt


Security Ministry
Servant Leader – Brother James Davenport