We are a Church Determined to Know Christ and Make Christ Known by Our Love for One Another and Others

Live Stream

To watch the First Baptist Church of Crestmont services live online, click on this link: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/5564000.


You will need to set up an account on New Livestream.  Follow the steps below to get set up:

        1. Screen_Shot_2014-06-29_at_1.33.19_PMVisit new.livestream.com to sign up.  

        2. Click words Log In in the upper right corner.

        3. If you are not a Live Stream User, Click Join LiveStream.

        4. If you are a Live Stream User, Enter your email address Your login will be your email address. Please make sure this is a valid email, because you will be asked to verify your account.  Note:  You can also log in with a Facebook account.

        5. Enter a password.

        6. Click Login.



Once you have signed in, you can search for events by entering “First Baptist Church of Crestmont” in the search field at the top of the screen.


If you need any assistance, please reach out to our media ministry at media@1bcc.org.