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Leonard K. Triplett

Mar 06, 2014



Jun 20, 2014

I love my church and invite all to visit!!

Cynthia Smith

Oct 06, 2015

I love and will miss my church...:-( Please watch over my children and keep me in prayer. Hugs & Kisses from MD.

Swanson b robinson

Mar 25, 2016

Every time i walk into our church i feel a deep calm . the spirit gets so good in l often think that i have to play a tamberine.listening to all that beautiful music. Warmth that i have never felt .there no church like it some times it brings me to tears when our preacher tells us about the lord .i mainly cry because im very happy and the praise brings and because i know God care for a nobody like me still haveing problems and looking for a break through.but i trust in jesus .i have never prayed so much in my life untile i got here.i never thought i would love praying so much even while things are not so good money wise.i ju d t have to get a stanle place to live.but I'll just keep praying God knows my needs .our pastor can really move you.God him and his fam .im thankful i met him .thank lord for my.pastor and his wonderful wife .And gets it in too.its great be a part of this church full beautiful God fe s ring people .

Jonathan W

Apr 13, 2016

I love this church, they've supported me since high school and all of the way through college, G-d bless you all!

Swanson b robinson

Apr 28, 2016

I just want to say thank you pastor for geting the word out for me geting me a place to live .I'll be moveing to crestmont tuesday .thanks for all your prayers they were surely needed.rev you and God sure work good together.i mean that .thanks again this was a great blessing .no more worry about geting.to church on time no more trains and buses no depression.just peace and i can go to church anytime i want .now .thank you jesus .i will be praying as always for my pastor and my church .God our church .

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