Our Mission

We are a Church Determined to know Christ and to Make Christ known by our Love for One Another and our Love for Others.
Our Vision is to give God our B.E.S.T.
BAPTIZE: We will exhort and encourage people to give their lives to Jesus Christ through evangelism, outreach, and missions.
ENCOURAGE: We will fellowship and praise God whenever we come together, and through individual interaction, and the various ministries of the church, seek to exhort and edify one another in spirit and in truth.
SHARE: We will share our time, talent, and treasure with the church, ministering to one another as each has a need.
TEACH: We will devote ourselves to prayer and the study and application of God’s Word, striving to discover His Will and His Way, as we seek a closer walk with Him and a closer walk with one another.
First Baptist is a Church of preeminent preaching, powerful prayer, and potent praise! But above all, we love the Lord and we love one another in the Lord! PERHAPS, you MAY find a church that can out preach us, out pray us, and out praise us; but you will NOT find a church that will out love us!
Through communion with one another and in celebration of the God that we serve, we believe that when you come to our church, you will have an encounter with the living Christ! So come and join us, on Sundays at our 8:00am and 10:55am worship services, and on Wednesdays at our noon Bible study, or at our 7:15pm Bible study. We know that you will be blessed, because God is blessing us, and He does not mean for us to keep our blessings to ourselves!
To God be the Glory!
Pastor Jerome F. Coleman